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Since June 2007, the Pinacothèque de Paris editions has presented, for each exhibition showed at the museum, several high quality publications.
The Edvard Munch catalogue has won a prize at the Cadrat d'Or 2010 awards and the catalogue L'Or des Incas has won the first prize of the Head of "Fab." 2010.

The catalogue details the themes of the exhibition and analyses the works of art presented. It gives a complete and original point of view on the themes, thanks to the contribution of specialists and a fine graphic research.

The album presents a selection of the finest works in the exhibitions, reproduced in large size, on quality paper.

The portfolio presents a selection of works reproduced on high quality paper and printed on detachable sheets.

How to buy the works from the Pinacothèque de Paris

The creations of the Editions of the Pinacothèque de Paris are available :

- on our e-shop
- In all bookstores in France
- On-line sales on internet


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