La Pinacothèque de Paris


With over two million visitors in three years, la Pinacothèque de Paris has established itself on the French cultural scene. This artistic complex, became essential, providing visitors with 5000 square meters of exhibitions, as well as educational activities and cultural events.


An innovative Idea


Following Marc Restellini's initiative, the first Parisian private museum opens its doors on the 28, place de la Madeleine in June 2007.

Arranged on three levels, la Pinacothèque de Paris receives large-scale international temporary exhibitions and rethinks the classic realm of art history. Those shows explore and compare diverse eras and areas which are rarely examined, from archaeology to contemporary art. Through this new approach, la Pinacothèque de Paris wishes to make art accessible to everyone and reaches its aim via a varied and outstanding program.



The public already had the opportunity to rediscover important civilizations as well as brillant artists whose work has scarcely been exhibited in France such as Roy Lichtenstein, Chaïm Soutine, The Chinese Terracotta Warriors, Georges Rouault, Jackson Pollock, Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo, 17th century Flemish Masters, Edvard MunchThe Jade Masks of The Mayas. In October 2012, for the first time, two exhibitions were shown simultaneously on both sites of the Pinacothèque de Paris, Van Gogh, Dreaming of Japan, and Hiroshige, The Art of Travel. In April 2013, you can discover Art Nouveau, The Decorative Revolution and Tamara de Lempicka, The Queen of Art Deco.


The Birth of a Museum


Enriched with new spaces since January 2011, la Pinacothèque de Paris becomes the first Parisian museum where the main display principles are based on transversality and the dialogue between works of art.

A permanent collection is unveiled at 8, rue Vignon and resembles an ideal and personal gallery. Artefacts and artists from all times and places are side by side and invite the visitors to release and listen to their sensitivity.

The new rooms will also regularly host exhibitions dedicated to important private art collections and their owners.




La Pinacothèque de Paris invites you to give up your common references and to be guided through a lively and intimate space.





Pinacothèque de paris